Allow Us to Assist You in Realizing Your Dream of Living Independently.

Sunshine Exceptional Care is a modern-day service provider with a significant focus on providing active support techniques to persons with disabilities. We want to help individuals with disabilities gain autonomy and control over their lives, and we will constantly strive for this. We adapt our services to each individual’s needs.


Respite & Short-Term Accommodation

When family caregivers seem unable to care for a loved one, respite care is offered. This is available in the event of an emergency, although it is mostly utilised as a support system for family carers.

Short-term accommodation (STA) replaces what was formerly known as respite for persons with disabilities under the NDIS.

Medium-Term Accommodation

This refers to transitory accommodation for NDIS participants who are getting ready to move into a more permanent residence.

The NDIS provides funding for qualified participants to stay in Medium Term Accommodation for up to 90 days while they await a long-term housing option.

We work together with referrers, participants, caregivers, and families to find the right housing for you.

Drop-in Support

Our drop-in help is individual focused and adaptable. We furnish a strong climate that helps with a wide scope of ordinary undertakings and obligations, regardless of whether you are living in an upheld or autonomous convenience. We offer types of assistance and guidance including transport, shopping, instruction, wellbeing and discussions about relationship building, local area investment and general government assistance.

Support Co-ordination

We help recognize, create, co-ordinate and access support and administrations for the benefit of you, and help your family or guardian well informed assistance in getting to supports and administrations all completed.

Here at Sunshine Exceptional Care, we support you to comprehend and carry out the subsidized backings in your arrangement and connection you to the local area and other taxpayer driven organizations. Our emphasis is on assisting you with building abilities and direct your life just as interface you to suppliers. We will help and guide you to settle on the best choices and assist you with planning to oversee it yourself the following time.

Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is an NDIS service in which a disabled person lives with other people. We offer daily assistance or supervision of chores and activities that will help you build your abilities and encourage you to live as independently as possible.

Community Access

We provide a variety of Community Access programmes customized to individual requirements, with the goal of developing skills for independence, enjoyment, and social participation. We make every effort to give individuals who engage in these programmes the greatest opportunity and care possible.

Social Support

People with disabilities frequently grow isolated. They are unable to attend events, see and do new things in the community, or engage in a discussion with a peer. Sunshine Exceptional Care will support you in developing skills as well as with transportation and mobility so that you may connect with your community. We will assist you in being involved in the community via meaningful connections and activities.

In-Home Support

People with disabilities frequently grow isolated. They are frail to live life independently, they are not capable to do the household task and require assistance with, Sunshine Exceptional Care will support you in developing skills as well as with transportation and mobility so that you may become independently and fulfil the task with less support. We set a goal-based approach in order to improve the efficiency of being independent.
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Tenancy Assistance

Sunshine Exceptional Care assists people with disabilities in obtaining adequate housing assistance. Our experience and expertise can assist you in locating the best accommodation options that are both safe and affordable. We apply our expertise and experience to the needs of people in the social and community housing sectors.