Privacy Policy and Procedure

Privacy Policy and Procedure


Sunshine Exceptional Care delivers services and supports that respect and preserve our participants’ dignity and right to privacy.


This policy applies to all Sunshine Exceptional Care participants, employees, and other service agency representatives.


Sunshine Exceptional Care is committed to safeguarding and maintaining the privacy and dignity rights of all stakeholders, including participants, employees, management, and representatives from other care organisations.

Sunshine Exceptional Care is dedicated to safeguarding and respecting participants’ privacy and dignity when we gather, keep, and manage information about them, their needs, and the services they receive.

Sunshine Exceptional Care expects staff and management to be thoughtful and consistent when producing records about a participant and choosing who has access to this information.

Sunshine Exceptional Care is governed by NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission rules & regulations.

Sunshine Exceptional Care will make certain that each participant knows and agrees to the sort of personal information gathered as well as the reasons for collection. Before any information may be gathered in an audio or video format, the participant must consent in writing to their engagement. The participant must also be notified when content is being captured in audio or video format.

Sunshine Exceptional Care will inform each participant of our Privacy Policy in the language, manner of communication, and terms that they are most likely to comprehend (Easy Read documents are made available to all participants).

Sunshine Exceptional Care will make certain of that:

  • it meets its legal and ethical obligations as an employer and service provider to protect the privacy of participants and organisational personnel; 
  • participants are provided with information about their privacy and confidentiality rights; 
  • participants and organisational personnel are provided with privacy and confidentiality when being interviewed or diarized.
  • Participants are informed of Sunshine Exceptional Care’s confidentiality rules in the language, manner of communication, and words they are most likely to understand.
  • participants are informed of Sunshine Exceptional Care’s confidentiality policies using the language, mode of communications and terms they’re most likely to understand.
  • Sunshine Exceptional Care will make every approach to find interpreters and will use materials that are easily read.

This policy complies with the Federal Privacy Act (1988) and the Australian Privacy Principles, which regulate the collection, use, and storage of personal information in Australia.

This policy will apply to any documents containing personal information about individuals, whether hard copy or electronic, as well as interviews or conversations of a sensitive personal nature.